Personally, I (Toko. But I believe that Nino too!) can't wait to tell you more about Dragon Project News!! But please wait a little bit more...

We just finished our first fundraiser Exhibition in Ann Arbor, USA!

By doing this fundraiser, we received, "$1,257" Thank you so much from heart... Not just money. All those artwork and music... your smile... To think about the issues which Japan still has to deal with, what we could do might be really tiny thing. But I believe that this IS a tiny but really a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING 'long' thing!!! The whole artwork... Really speechless... And thank you so so so much for playing music for this event, Michael Smith, Dragon Wagon16 more miles, Dave Boutette, Joe Kidd, October Babies, and the A2 open school students!! 

Also, here is an article about our project in Washtenaw Voice!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

Our project is ON-GOING!!   So.... Stay tuned!!!!


...since we updated our website, the old posts flew away...
So... I'd like to add them as follows.... just FYI ;)

These are our old announcements:

• Dragon Project Theme Song: "Rainbow Dragon Song" Released! 

• The Ann Arbor Open School students will play/sing along the Rainbow Dragon Song together for the fundraiser event in US! (We will shoot a video and will share it with people in  other places on this planet! Please wait for it!) 

• Announced the date and place for the Fundraiser in US! 
Sunday, March 11th, open 3:30pm - close 8:00pm
Washtenaw Community College, Morris J. Lawrence Building 


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Found this from the Weebly directory, great blog.


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